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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we guarantee success?

No, marketing is not a science; but it does provide a process to remove much of the guesswork from advertising decisions. However, it has been proven that if you deliver an appropriate message consistently to the right market for your product, your advertising will yield rewarding results.

Do you have success stories?

Many. Soon we will feature them on this website. Until then, contact us for details.

Can we measure the effectiveness of our advertising?

Yes, this is an important and often ignored aspect of any advertising. It may begin by exposing trial adverts to a market focus group and extend to surveying customers as to their recognition of adverts.

We have used newspaper for years, why change to radio?

It may not be a matter of moving your entire budget from newspaper. Employing radio and newspaper in tandem has been shown to increase a campaigns effectiveness more than two fold.

When do we pay for our advertising?

You are invoiced by the individual radio station at the end of the month you advertise.

Our aim is to develop long term client relationships, so we work hard to get everything right.

What is the first step for our radio advertising process?

First we take the time to get to know your business. We look at your past successes and your expectations for the future. With the aid of our detailed Marketing Analysis (a worksheet used to discover your needs) we develop an advertising plan to meet your future objectives. From here, we use our extensive radio research to decide which radio station your target market listens to, and how many spots you’ll need.

We handle the whole process for you from research to ad placement to the creative brief.

Is the copy writing done for us?

Yes, creative is written for your business. We start the process by working with you through a Creative Brief (a summary of the person you’re talking to and the information you want delivered to them)

This brief is then given to one of our experienced “on station” Creative Writers who writes and then produces your commercial subject to your approval.

How much does producing our ad cost?

In most cases the writing and production charge is included in the cost of your advertising campaign. However if you require professional actors, musicians or singers there will be additional costs.

Can we use our radio ads on any radio station?

Yes, once again an opportunity to benefit from the frequency that radio offers. Listeners do switch between stations and should hear the same advert wherever they are tuned.

There are so many radio stations how do we decide which station to choose and how long should we advertise for?

You don’t have to make guesses. Our research is extremely detailed and enables us to target the exact radio stations your customers are tuning into.

We tried advertising once and it didn’t work, why would it work this time?

Advertising is not a science. Our job is to assist you in developing a game plan and to keep you focused on your marketing objectives. That’s why we go through a regimented process that includes our market analysis, the assembling of an effective schedule, and development of great copy for your message. This process stacks all the odds for success in your favour.

Is it possible to have our product given away on air as part of a radio advertising campaign?

Yes, if the product fits with the radio stations promotional planning. In fact giving away product or services draws extra attention to your business.


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