What is A Business Growth Game Plan

Make Your Advertising Work For You.

The Business Growth Game Plan is a full comprehensive look at all your advertising and seeing if it’s delivering for your business.

The Game Plan will include going through your Radio, Print, Facebook, Website, SEO, and Google Ads, to see what’s working, and where the weakest link in your marketing is.


  • Spend On Each Platform (Minimum $3,000 across all platforms)
  • Client Turnover Rate.
  • Current Advertising Results.

The Business Growth Game Plan starts at $1500 subject to individual business requirements.

Advertising Audit

Business Growth Game Plan Includes:

  • Marketing Strategy Audit

    To start the Advertising Audit we’ll start by talking about your overall Marketing strategy, the objects you wish to achieve through your Marketing and are they the correct objectives.

  • Radio Advertising Audit

    With your message reaching people who have never heard of you before, getting the right message across on radio is key to the success of the campaign.

  • Social Media Audit

    From Instagram to Facebook, and Facebook to Linkedin, let’s see what your business is doing on social media, is it driving traffic to, or away from your business.

  • Website Audit

    Being the place most of your customers will visit to find out more about your business or to make contact. Your website needs to be able to handle and direct customers in the most efficient way.

  • Google Adwords Audit

    Reaching your ideal client when they are searching for you is important to your business, but if the money you are spending to reach them is not targeting those clients the money is going to waste

  • SEO Audit

    Is your website optimized to help people find it? Is it set up to save you money while advertising. While being one of the things people forget about, having good SEO can lead to saving in your advertising


Murray Hale Here –

Director/Owner At Hale Advertising

Get your message on radio with confidence when you do it through Hale Advertising. With over 30 years experience in business, and 19 years in radio, we know this industry and how to cut through the noise; and I am now considered the #1 agent in radio with over $30 million in ad revenue. I am lucky to have a great team backing me, and great brands to work with. I specialize in Radio, but my team specialties cover Websites, Social Media, and SEO.

Murray Hale

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Mike Smith

I first met Murray Hale in 2007 after taking up a role as Centre Manager of Dress-Smart Hornby. Since then I have worked with Murray in a number property roles at JLL as Centre Manager for Eastgate Shopping Centre and CBRE as Associate Director of Property Management.  The first thing you notice about Murray is he really wants to help you do better with the marketing of the business. Personally, even now that I’m managing a shopping Centre in Queenstown, I know Murray has helped with introductions and is there to help if needed. With Murray it not just about selling you something or getting you to sign a contract, it is really about a relationship. Murray wants to know you, your business and how he can help drive success for not only the business but yourself. Murray has been the designer behind some of the most successful promotions I have run and continue to run at different shopping centres. Murray cares about the outcome of every promotion, event or activity that he is part of and if it doesn’t deliver, Murray is there back helping sort it or to adjust it for next time. As mentioned Murray is about a relationship and the long term partnership. Murray has become and still is one of our best family friends whom with we have shared some of the most important events in our joint family lives. None more so than the birth of Murray’s first grandson Harry, an event that I will remember for a long time. Since 2007 I have recommended Hale Advertising to a number of Tenants, Business Owners, and Property Owners to help improve their business performances. Even in Queenstown, I continue to recommend Murray and Hale Advertising.

Jason Marsden

We have had the pleasure of working with Jason from The Hub Hornby for 17 years now, and we have had a great time doing so. Jason was kind enough to give us the following testimonial, and we look forward to working with him & his team for years to come! Murray Hale has been looking after The Hub’s radio marketing needs for the last seventeen years. During this time Murray has constantly strived to provide added value to us, never taking our business for granted or becoming complacent in his service. Last minute promotions, activations, and changes are always handled with a smile and his “not a problem” attitude. In a busy fragmented market, Murray offers a great choice in media products that reach our target market often backed up with high reach social media exposure to generate the foot traffic that we rely on. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hale Advertising to any company that wanted to deal with an honest, reliable and creative solutions driven team.

Industry Experience

Over 19 years of experience as a Radio Rep, and the last 3 as the top Radio Rep in New Zealand

Brilliant Team

You won’t just be working with my excellent in-house team, you’ll meet my strategic partners, who are specialists in their own fields

Proven Results

Working with leading New Zealand companies, for branding, radio, and digital messaging, to deliver results for our clients

Acceptance Is Not Guaranteed

We don’t accept every client. After we initially meet we can discuss how we can help you and if your willing to buy in, we can work on this together.

Realistic Expectations

The biggest frustration/disappointment is when Client expectations aren’t meet. We’ll work together to establish realistic goals which will meet your expectations.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

We don’t work for clients…. we work with clients. We are here to help bring people who are passionate about their business and have a desire to have a good business. Usually, when we meet these people, they’ll already have a pretty good product. They’ll have some good ideas. They’ll know what their business is about. They’ll have an idea of where they want to go or where they want to take it, but are not quite sure how to go there.

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- How does your business trade? Online/Storefront/B2B/etc?

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