Murray Hale Here –

Director/Owner At Hale Advertising

Get your message on radio with confidence when you do it through Hale Advertising. With over 30 years experience in business, and 19 years in radio, we know this industry and how to cut through the noise; and I am now considered the #1 agent in radio with over $30 million in ad revenue. I am lucky to have a great team backing me, and great brands to work with. I specialize in Radio, but my team specialties cover Websites, Social Media, and SEO.

Murray Hale


Industry Experience

Over 19 years of experience as a Radio Rep, and the last 3 as the top Radio Rep in New Zealand

Brilliant Team

You won’t just be working with my excellent in-house team, you’ll meet my strategic partners, who are specialists in their own fields

Proven Results

Working with leading New Zealand companies, for branding, radio, and digital messaging, to deliver results for our clients

Acceptance Is Not Guaranteed

We don’t accept every client. After we initially meet we can discuss how we can help you and if your willing to buy in, we can work on this together.

Realistic Expectations

The biggest frustration/disappointment is when Client expectations aren’t meet. We’ll work together to establish realistic goals which will meet your expectations.

Why Work with Us

We don’t work for clients…. we work with clients. We are here to help bring people who are passionate about their business and have a desire to have a good business. Usually, when we meet these people, they’ll already have a pretty good product. They’ll have some good ideas. They’ll know what their business is about. They’ll have an idea of where they want to go or where they want to take it, but are not quite sure how to go there.

Our Process

  • 1. Initial Research

    Firstly, I’ve looked at your website, your Facebook page, and your business and how well they perform in their areas.

  • 2. Initial Meeting

    Then we’ll have a meeting, it will be about establishing what your goals are, or what you want to achieve and what your expectation is out of any advertising we do. We also talk a bit about those expectations and the amount of items or products you want to sell, based on a spend and their margin.

  • 3. Strategic Partners Introductions

    Depending on your needs, target market, and marketing objectives, I’ll introduce you to the specialists who can best deliver for your needs.

  • 4. Creative/Campaigns Built

    Now everything is coming together. We’ll have all the information to move forward with creating the campaigns. All the parties involved will begin mocking up what the final campaign will look like

  • 5. Pre-Launch Meeting

    In this meeting, all the campaigns will be presented to you for changes and adjustments, along with a media schedule. Making sure everything is perfect for the launch of the campaign.

  • 6. Campaign Live

    Now everything is approved, you are happy with all the campaigns, and all the media will be going live according to the media schedule.