What is Google Advertising

Google Advertising

Make Sure Your Google Advertising Is Working For You.

Being the largest search engines in the world Google has allowed businesses to reach customers in new ways. Ranking number 1 for a search, retargeting specific products, and allowing businesses to advertise across the internet with Googles Advertising partners.

Google Advertising Includes:

Marketing Strategy Audit

To start the Audit we’ll start by talking about your overall Marketing strategy, the objects you wish to achieve through your Marketing and are they the correct objectives.

Current Google Ads Audit

Looking at your current Google Ads, this will give us a starting point on where improvements can be made.

Google Analytics Audit

Seeing where people land, for how long, and where they go on their journey to your desired objective, will be the key insights, in unlocking your Google Ads.

Website Audit

Being the place most of your customers will visit to find out more about your business or to make contact. Your website needs to be able to handle and direct customers in the most efficient way.

SEO Audit

Is your website optimized to help people find it? Is it set up to save you money while advertising. While being one of the things people forget about, having good SEO can lead to saving in your advertising