Business Growth Game Plan

Make Sure Your Advertising Is Working For You.

Our Flag Ship Offer – The Business Growth Game Plan is a full comprehensive look at all your advertising and seeing if it’s delivering for your business.

The Game Plan will include going through your Radio, Facebook, Website, SEO, and Google Ads, to see what’s working, where the weakest link in your marketing is, and how to improve.


  • Spend On Each Platform (Minimum $3,000 across all platforms)
  • Client Turnover Rate.
  •  Current Advertising Results.

The Business Growth Game Plan starts at $1500 subject to individual business requirements.

Advertising Audit
Social Media Advertising


Engage with customers where they already are.

There ain’t no place like home…. And on the Internet, your Website is your home. Make sure your website is up to job, for your advertising needs.

Social Media is also such a big part of our everyday life, that it creates a great opportunity to connect with your target market where they already are, with pinpoint accurate targeting, and retargeting.

Radio Advertising

Reach customers who haven’t heard of you yet.

The big advantage with radio, is it gets to a whole lot of people. And reaches to a whole lot of people that are not looking for you. Where they’re driving round in their cars, or where they’re in the workplace.

And so, you’re talking to a whole lot of people who would never have probably saw, or might not have thought of your business or seen your product. And it’s about creating desire and action from things that don’t necessarily thought about buying

Radio Advertising
Google Advertising

Google Advertising

Follow your customer where ever they go on the internet.

Being the largest search engines in the world Google has allowed businesses to reach customers in new ways. Ranking number 1 for a search, retargeting specific products, and allowing businesses to advertise across the internet with Googles Advertising partners.

Murray Hale ~

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