What is A Business Growth Game Plan

Advertising Audit

Make Sure Your Advertising Is Working For You.

Our Flag Ship Offer – The Business Growth Game Plan, is a full comprehensive look at all your advertising and seeing if it’s delivering for your business.

The Audit will include going through your Radio, Print, Facebook, Website, SEO, and Google Ads, to see what’s working, and where the weakest link in your marketing is.


  • Spend On Each Platform (Minimum $3,000 across all platforms)
  • Client Turnover Rate.
  • Current Advertising Results.

The Business Growth Game Plan starts at $1500 subject to individual business requirements.

Business Growth Game Plan Includes:

Marketing Strategy Audit

To start the Advertising Audit we’ll start by talking about your overall Marketing strategy, the objects you wish to achieve through your Marketing and are they the correct objectives.

Social Media Audit

From Instagram to Facebook, and Facebook to Linkedin, let’s see what your business is doing on social media, is it driving traffic to, or away from your business.

Google Adwords Audit

Reaching your ideal client when they are searching for you is important to your business, but if the money you are spending to reach them is not targeting those clients the money is going to waste

Website Audit

Being the place most of your customers will visit to find out more about your business or to make contact. Your website needs to be able to handle and direct customers in the most efficient way.

Radio Advertising Audit

With your message reaching people who have never heard of you before, getting the right message across on radio is key to the success of the campaign.

SEO Audit

Is your website optimized to help people find it? Is it set up to save you money while advertising. While being one of the things people forget about, having good SEO can lead to saving in your advertising

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