What is Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Make Sure Your Radio Advertising Is Working For You.

The big advantage with radio, is it gets to a whole lot of people. And reaches to a whole lot of people that are not looking for you. Where they’re driving round in their cars, or where they’re in the workplace.

And so, you’re talking to a whole lot of people who would never have probably saw, or might not have thought of your business or seen your product. And it’s about creating desire and action from things that don’t necessarily thought about buying

Radio Advertising Includes:

Marketing Strategy Audit

To start the Audit we’ll start by talking about your overall Marketing strategy, the objects you wish to achieve through your Marketing and are they the correct objectives.

Radio Advertising Audit

With your message reaching people who have never heard of you before, getting the right message across on radio is key to the success of the campaign.

Social Media Audit

Are you supporting your Radio Advertising with your Social Media accounts? Keeping the message consistent as well as having important secondary content will keep your business top of mind

Website Audit

Being the place most of your customers will visit to find out more about your business or to make contact. Your website needs to be able to handle and direct customers in the most efficient way.

Offer Audit

What is the Offer you are getting out on the radio? Is it relevant to your business, and more importantly is it relevant to your customers.

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